Office of Student Affairs

Student Representative Office (SRO)

Student Representative Office (SRO) is incubated at QEC to streamline the activities for clubs and societies. SRO works with all the Departments to establish Class Representative System and accepts registration for different Clubs and Societies.Clubs/Societies consists of a convener; who leads the entity, a secretary; who assists convener for the execution of general duties, a treasurer; who makes realistic annual budget and general members.

SRO establishes clear rules and regulations for all the entities and the participants under it to keep order and a proper system. All student extra-curricular activities at the University of Lahore are arranged by Student Representative Office.Currently Registered clubs/societies are Dramatic Club, Debating Society,Environmental Society, Photography Club, Adventure Club, Health Society, Arts& Culture Society, Computer Gaming Society and many more. Different forms are available at Student Representative Office to initiate student activities throughout the university like Expression of Interest, Event proposal form,Facilities requirement form, Event planning guideline and many more.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Many events and seminars are arranged across the University under the banner of SRO:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar
  • Establishing Guinness Book of World Records - Arm wrestling record
  • Gade Environmental Seminar
  • Trekking trips to Northern Areas of Pakistan
  • Seminars on Paragliding and Mountaineering
  • Blood Camps
  • Engineering and IT competition (Project of Punjab Youth Festival)
  • Dramatics
  • Declamation and Debating Contests
  • Cultural Festivals – LokMela
  • Student Representative Office
  • +92 42 35963421 (ext-1108)