Academics and Scholarly Knowledge System (ASKS)

Brilliant efforts of the national institutes in the field of higher education have brought together our national resources for R&D. National statues like HEC, Ministry of Science and Technology and Public and private sector universities have put their utmost efforts to make the trend of Research and Development (R&D). They have also provided awareness about the importance of education and research also in local industry to achieve maximum and improved quality production. This thrust of bulk resources for R&D need to be poured formalized, standardized and shared platform for every targeted unit of industry, universities, researchers and students. It is time to organize and get maximum utilization of the research skills, funds, organizations and events.

The aim of the research is delivering a knowledge system for linking R&D, academics and industry for efficient utilization of resources. The proposed Knowledge system should also be able to provide open standards, ontological definitions and semantically linked dataset of all research disciplines and their associated resources. These resources include research funds, projects, experts, researchers, scholars, students and academia. These linkages facilitate higher education regulatory bodies for development of academic standards, running of international exchange programs and providing accreditation of degree programs. The proposed knowledgebase will provide services for exchange academic programs/students. Education quality monitoring and assurance will be done according to shared standards. Other stakeholders like universities, students, faculty and researchers will also be able to search relevant resources such as degree programs, research opportunities, courses and experts.

Team Members:

Dr. Syed Khurram Shahzad
Assistant Professor

Dr. Nadeem Ahmad
Assistant Professor (HOD)

Dr. Tabbasum Naz
Associate Professor

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