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Rector spells out UOL strategic targets

To consolidate its top international positioning among universities in South Asia, Pakistan’s largest private varsity, the University of Lahore (UOL), has earmarked huge financial resources to support academic research. The millions of rupees will support over 500 Ph.D scholars currently enrolled to teach and engage in different research activities that are lined along the University’s research agenda. The initiative will also strengthen the MPhil and undergraduate degree programs.

In an interview, the University Rector Prof Dr Muhajid Kamran observed thus, “…we (UOL) are a private university but our capacity surpasses many old public sector universities. Just our Gujrat sub campus, has more than 30 Ph. D academic staff. Many public universities are yet to reach this level. We are potentially among the topmost universities in the region,” he said.

He further observed that once the University recruits and retains cream staff, produces world class research works, and keeps all its offered programs strong, the sky is the limit. He added that UOL’s rise in rankings was due to its unique study programs offered with the state-of-the-art facilities.

Alongside quality education and genuine public service in solving social community challenges, the rector revealed that the University had applied a strategy of ensuring continuity in collaborations with different agencies to further advance its national, regional and international reputation.

Dr Kamran believes that UOL’s strategies of providing quality education, non-reliance on bank loans and investing in robust public service gives the University a competitive edge. He elaborated that UOL is a peaceful university with no student and staff politics that normally dominate both private and public universities and negatively impacts on their academic stability. 

  • Rector spells out UOL strategic targets
  • Rector spells out UOL strategic targets
  • Rector spells out UOL strategic targets
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