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UOL organizes 1st Social Media Festival

The first-ever two-day Social Media Festival (SMF’18) concluded here at the University of Lahore on March 27, 2018 with a resolve to use social media platforms to project soft image of Pakistan and promote the country's narrative of peace. The country's first of its kind event was organized by UOL’s Center for Sustainability Research and Practice (CSRP) headed by Mr Naseem Khan Achakzai. Selected students, lecturers, youth leaders, policy makers, media practitioners, and new media experts attended the festival held at School of Creative Arts Studio. UOL Chairman Board of Governors Mr Awais Raoof closed the event with a call for youth engagement in programmes that promote Pakistan potentials.

According to the organizers, the misuse of social media by individuals and groups in twisting the national narrative and presenting it negatively as per suitable agendas provided a basis for the historical festival. 

Mr Achakzai said the festival was aimed at educating the participants on different potentials of social media and how to use them effectively for positive purposes. “We wanted to create and foster a positive and professional environment of social media through its users. We wished to train the youth on how to manage start-up marketing through social media, create sustainable development, and provide platform where active youth can physically meet and interact,” he explained.

“Social media has quickly become an integral part of our lives. We remember the recent social-media planned uprising in the Arab spring; social media without any doubt have become a very powerful tool,” Mr Achakzai added. 

The organizers expressed their resolve to hold a larger summit for students in which they will be educated on the importance of a peaceful Pakistan.

  • UOL organizes 1st Social Media Festival
  • UOL organizes 1st Social Media Festival
  • UOL organizes 1st Social Media Festival
  • UOL organizes 1st Social Media Festival
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