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UOL opens Printing Press

The University of Lahore (UOL) has launched its own printing press that is aimed at promoting outstanding scholarly works in form of textbooks, conference papers. magazines, journals, reviews and many more. The printing press had its maiden publication titled ‘Nuclear Pakistan: Seeking Security and Stability’ launched by the Center for International Security Studies (CISS), Islamabad on March 30, 2018. The book edited by Dr. Naeem Ahmed Salik, former Director Arms Control and Disarmament Affairs Directorate, Pakistan, is second in CISS Security Series.  


The book brings to the reader a comprehensive account of the various aspects of Pakistan’s nuclear program; ranging from doctrinal and legislative aspects to that of the technological and peaceful side. The book chapters authored by scholars from diverse academic and policy backgrounds provide in a simple and easy to read language, a Pakistani account of the development of its civilian as well as nuclear weapons program, doctrinal aspects, and dismisses the misplaced notions of being the fastest nuclear weapons program of the world. 


Dr. Rabia Akhtar, the Head of School of Integrated Social Sciences and Director Center for Security, Strategy and Policy Research (CSSPR) is the Managing Editor of the UOL Printing Press under the headship of Executive Editor and Chairman UOL BoG, Mr. Awais Raoof. At the launch of UOL press first publication, Dr. Rabia who was also one of the reviewers of the book said; “It is about Pakistan’s nuclear journey but doesn’t only reflect on the past but also the future. Pakistan’s response to hostile propaganda has been weak and disjointed; as Pakistani scholars had been unable to project Pakistan’s narrative well. Pakistan nuclear program was ‘borne out of necessity to safeguard Pakistan’s national interests and we as Pakistanis do not need to be apologetic about the acquisition of the bomb. Pakistan nuclear weapons are legitimate under international law.”

  • UOL opens Printing Press
  • UOL opens Printing Press
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