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Dr. Rabia Akhtar publishes on Nuclear

Meet a social scientist researcher, the HoD School of Integrated Social Science, Dr. Rabia Akhtar. She reveals her research mind and success in a Q & A mode. Enjoy the flow!       

Q1: What motivates you as a researcher?

A1: Curiosity of the unknown. Seeking answers to endless questions out there is what keeps me going.

Q2: Share with us your areas of interest in research and why?

A2: My areas are nuclear nonproliferation, nuclear strategy and doctrine, issues of arms control and nuclear disarmament. I got interested in this subject during my Masters in International Relations at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad when Pakistan went nuclear in 1998. It’s been a constant high ever since. I did my Ph.D from Kansas State University, USA on Fulbright scholarship and wrote a dissertation on US nuclear non-proliferation policy towards Pakistan from 1974-2001.

Q3: What publications have you had recently?

A3: Recently my article was published in the journal of International History Review titled ‘The Making of the Seventh NWS: Historiography of the beginning of the nuclear disorder in South Asia’ published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

Q4: Do you have any scholarly works/books/articles that are about to be published?

A4: I have a forthcoming book titled ‘The Blind Eye: US Nonproliferation Policy Towards Pakistan from Ford to Clinton’ to be published by University of Lahore Press in Fall 2018. 

Q5: What message do you have for students and faculty members as regards to research and publication?

A5: One advice that I would like to impart is on research methodology. Please do not conduct research if you already know the conclusions beforehand. That is unfortunately how some researchers in Pakistan conduct research. Most of it is done on a desk through Google. I encourage students to be inquisitive and never lose their sense of wonder. Be critical in your approach to thinking. Ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Work hard. There are no shortcuts in life. Stand up and make a difference. Pakistan will rise and shine if each of us individually stays intellectually honest and do our best.

  • Dr. Rabia Akhtar publishes on Nuclear
  • Dr. Rabia Akhtar publishes on Nuclear
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