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UOL SIA discuses Pakistan Terrorism

The University of Lahore’s Society of International Affairs (SIA) recently held a high profile discussion over Pakistan’s counter terrorism policy. The talk was facilitated by renowned Defense Analyst, Lt Gen (Retd) Amjad Shoaib and was attended by members of the SIA, faculty and students of the School of Integrated Social Sciences (SISS) in addition to research fellows at the Center of Security, Strategy and Policy Research (CSSPR).

Gen. Shoaib observed that terrorism is one of the gravest challenges Pakistan is currently facing. Global repercussions, regional scenarios, and national policies have been cited as the possible causes of the menace.


“Catalytic events of the attack on twin towers by the Al-Qaeda linked terrorists brought a radical shift in the global political scenario. Those events also forced Pakistan to revise its Afghan Policy. This radical policy shift turned many non-state allies into foes overnight,” he said.


Taking into account the magnitude of destruction and devastation posed by terrorism, he added, There is no quick fix solution to the issue of terrorism; a long-term comprehensive global, national, and regionally oriented approach is required to mitigate this menace.”


Gen. Shoaib’s lecture generated a fruitful discussion and Q&A session where both faculty members and students participated with keen interest. Dr. Rabia Akhtar, Director CSSPR, presented Lt General Amjad Shoaib with an honorary shield in appreciation.

  • UOL SIA discuses Pakistan Terrorism
  • UOL SIA discuses Pakistan Terrorism
  • UOL SIA discuses Pakistan Terrorism
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