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Defence Campus

The University’s Defence Road Campus is built near the prime defence road area just off raiwind road and consists of a purpose built facility spanning 100 acres which houses the University College of Medicine & Dentistry, Pharmacy department, Lahore Business School, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Bio-chemistry , Environmental Science ,Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Nursing School and School of Creative Arts. The facility features a lush park with fountains and flower gardens and an inner courtyard, which provides ample space for students to rest and recuperate. Additional facilities include a four floor student center, a purpose built library, on premises hostels with concierge and laundry and spacious auditoriums. The premise also encompasses two technology parks, the Agri technology park and the biotechnology (CRIMM) is also based here. The Development of a mosque and a comprehensive ports complex are Lahore Campus currently underway.

Programs Offered

Diploma in Non-Invasive Orthopedic Technology (MINIOT)
Certificate in Health professional Education (CHPE)
Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
1 Year Diploma in Medical Ultrasound Technology
6 Months Certificate in Medical Ultrasound Technology
6 Months Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound
Diploma in Medical Radiology & Diagnostic 
B.Sc in Medical Ultrasound Technology
Doctor of Medical Imaging
Bachelor in Architecture (B-Arch) 
Doctor of Diet &Nutritional Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering 
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering 
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology & Biotechnology
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
Bachelor of Sports Science (BSSS)
Bachelor of Business Administration Honors
Bachelor of Speech ,LanguageTherapy (BSRT)
Bachelor of Audiology (BSRT)
Bachelor of OccupationalSciences (BSOS)
Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy (BSRT)
BSc Nursing Degree Program
BSc Nursing Degree Program (Post RN)
Bachelor of Science in Media & Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television
Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication
Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Doctor Of Pharmacy (Pharm. D)
Doctor of Medical lab Technology 
LLB (3 Years)
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
Master in Public Health
Master in International Health
MS Medical Education 
Master of Computer Science (MCS)
Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc-IT)
MSc Vascular Ultrasound
MSc Obstetrical & GynecologyLogical Ultrasound
MS  DiagnosticUltrasound
MS  General Ultrasound  
Master in Sports Science (MSSS)
Master in Sports Science Medicine(MSSM)
Master of Science in Biochemistry &Biotechnology
Master of Science in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Master of Science in Biotechnology
Master of Science in Microbiology & Biotechnology
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration (after BBA Hons / B.Com Hons)
Master of Business Administration (Non Business/Commerce degree)
Master of Business Administration Executive
M.Sc in Medical Ultrasound Technology
MS in Medical Imaging Technology
Master of Non-InvasiveOrthopedic Technology(MINIOT)
Master of Rehabilitation,Counseling & Psychology(MSRCP)
Master of Science in Computer Science
M Phil in Biochemistry
M Phil in Biotechnology
M Phil in Molecular Biology
M Phil in Microbiology
M. Phil  Forensic Sciences
M Phil/MS in Environmental Science
M Phil in Physiology
M. Phil in Management Sciences
M Phil in Pharmaceutics
M Phil in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
M Phil in Pharmacology
M Phil in Pharmacognosy
PhD Computer Sciences 
PhD Pharmacology 
PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry
PhD  Biochemistry
PhD  Biotechnology
PhD  Microbiology
PhD  Molecular Biology   
PhD  Physiology
PhD Ultrasound Technology
PhD Medical Imaging Technology
PhD Diagnostic Ultrasound 
PhD Radiology
MD Radiology
PhD Management Sciences