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The UOL demonstrates solidarity with Indian-Occupied Kashmiris
In response to a call by Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, for a country-wide expression of solidarity with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir, the University of Lahore (UOL) conducted a series of activities, including loaded speeches outside the Main Campus Masjid, on August 30 to support the cause for the occupied victims. The audience included staff, students and members of the UOL Students’ Society on Kashmir Affairs. They emotionally waved placards and banners as one speaker after another delivered for the freedom of Kashmir.
The event commenced with Quran recitation, followed by the National Anthems of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir respectively. The Rector, Prof Mujahid Kamran highlighted the Barahman mentality in India that provides the backdrop of the revocation of the Articles 370 and 35-A of the Indian Constitution by the BJP government there. He pointed that it is the same mentality that had eliminated Buddha civilization, a once predominant civilization in Indian history. He said: “Against every 1 Hindu, 120 Muslims sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the sub-continent from the British occupation whereas the population ratio of Hindus and Muslims was 217:100.”
“Seven out of thirteen  provinces of India, at the time of partition, were Hindu majority provinces that were all merged with India but the remaining six Muslim majority were not merged with Pakistan; rather the Muslim majority provinces of Punjab, Assaam, Bengal and Bombay were unfairly divided between India and Pakistan,” he added.  He stressed the fact that India is still pursuing its fascist aspirations on the lines of the Barahman dominance mentality whereas we (Pakistanis) have comparatively been less active on supporting the Indian Muslims in their struggle for securing their rights, particularly of the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. “Indians are teaching their children to draw the map of India inclusive of Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Unfortunately, we have done less to prepare our young generation about the historical injsutices of India,”  Prof. Mujahid observed.
He urged Pakistanis, especially, academics to take up their responsibility of raising awareness about the true history of the sub-continent and offer their best contribution to this plight.  Pakistan as a nation, he added, can earn its due respect only by playing its due role in supporting the Indian and Kashmiri Muslims at all levels.
While explaining the essence of the event, Mr. Awais Raoof (Chairman, BoG) said: “We have gathered here to give our message to the Hindu fascists across the border that we stand with our Kashmiri brethren under curfew in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.  We must be sensitive about the feelings of the occupied Kashmiris about our expected support for them. We want to give them a message that we are united on this cause and stand with them in their struggle against occupation.” “Even if it takes 30 years, we are determined to do whatever is possible to liberate Kashmir”. Mr. Awais stressed.     
The event’s stage secretary, Mr. Zia-ur-Rehman (Registrar, the UOL) appreciated the enthusiastic and spirited turn up, and said: “I hope that our students will take the Rector’s message seriously because you are our future.”  
On the same day, as per the instructions of Pakistan’s PM, the National Anthems of Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir were played across the country, the masses remained out of their office buildings, houses, markets and malls, maximum number of AJK/Pakistan flags were distributed, special prayers were said during Jumma prayers, and public rallies were held from noon to dusk.  

  • The UOL demonstrates solidarity with Indian-Occupied Kashmiris
  • The UOL demonstrates solidarity with Indian-Occupied Kashmiris
  • The UOL demonstrates solidarity with Indian-Occupied Kashmiris
  • The UOL demonstrates solidarity with Indian-Occupied Kashmiris
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