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Visual Identity & Branding

The primary brand device

A Logo is a design symbolizing an organization. It is a design that is used by any organization as its recognition. A logo must be used as it is designed keeping in mind its proportions (height/width). It must not be stretched vertically or horizontally.

At the heart of the University’s visual identity is the main logo. This is the core element, which should be seen on everything we do – from letter heads to leaflets, banners to bookmarks to certificates. 

The Logo



The logo which is shown is the primary version of the brand mark and always contains the logo and the University's name.




In print media where only black is available (such as press advertisement or black and white laser printing) it is acceptable to use the brand in black.

Please note: do not print letterheads in color on a laser printer or inkjet as the color of the brand will not be right. Please print in black using the black artwork versions. 

The Rectangle

If it is required to be used with a background then the background color must match the original logo color as mentioned above. For example you must use it as: 

Using the logo 

Ceremonial use

The logo will naturally be used on ceremonial items such as certificates, place cards, menus, special stationery such as folders, flags, ceremonial uniforms, historical books and publications.

There is no limit to the type of items that can carry the logo for ceremonial purposes, however careful judgment should be used in deciding to use the logo instead of the brand marks.

Merchandise items 

The logo will be used extensively on merchandise items such as souvenirs, garments and games, or products where the development has involved the University, or is in some way endorsed by the University.

The logo as a trademark 


The logo is a trade mark of the University and is registered as such in a number of jurisdictions.

Using the brand with other identifiers

The brand guidelines enable departmental, college and other logos to be used alongside the University brand. Partner brands can appear to the left or right of the University brand depending on the placement of the brand. However, the preferred placement is for the partner brand to be positioned to the left of the University brand as shown opposite. 

Correct use of the brand marks



Incorrect use of the brand marks

The effectiveness of the visual brand depends on its consistent application. Here are some examples of incorrect use of the brand marks which ultimately degrade the value of the brand.