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UOL Music Fest 2K18
University Of Lahore is pleased to be hosting its 1st All Pakistan Music Fest, the “UOL Music Fest 2K18” #UMF18 , which will be held from 13th to 15 th of April, 2018. 

The main objective of this Music Fest 2K18 is to provide the youth of Pakistan a platform to showcase their unmatched Musical talent, express their musical ideas, practice their skills live, acquire the multi-dimensional knowledge about music. Music fest 2K18 aims to provide an opportunity to the students of top national universities from across Pakistan to interact with each other and network with the professionals in industry.

Music Fest 2K18 is an annual Musical Competition, which is an intra university event. It has various competitions like

1. Individual singing Eastern
2. Individual singing Western
3. Battle of bands 
4. Rap battle. 

Along with that there shall be social event to encourage acquaintance among students.
We are inviting students from all over the country to come and take part in this mega event.

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  • UOL Music Fest 2K18
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