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UOL faculty publish 504 Journal Articles in one year

Research activities and their relevance to societal challenges is one of the parameters for appraising the growth of universities globally. Additionally, research is one of the core functions of a university. On that basis, the University of Lahore is an academic institution that is systematically progressing in both teaching and research competences. In the last academic year 2017/2018, UOL academicians published a record of 504 scholarly articles in national and international reputable journals. Eighty-seven percent of which (434 papers) were published in international journals and 13 percent (70 papers) in national ones. In addition, the total impact factor of the published articles is 636.274 with citation 9,047 in the year of 2017/2018. This is according to Prof. Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain, Director, Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) while speaking to The Spectacle in an exclusive interview at his office during the summer session, 2018.

“I am glad to inform you that our faculty members are active in research. Their scholarly articles are accepted in ISI Journals, JCR, Web of science, Web of knowledge, Scopus, Google Index Journals etc. We are also actively publishing research work in HEC approved journal categories at the national level,” he added. 

Majority of the research articles were science based. The faculty of science had 170 publications; Allied Health Sciences, 146; Pharmacy, 57; Engineering and Technology, 38; Management Sciences, 32; Medical and Dentistry, 30 and Social Sciences registered 14. The Departments of Biotechnology (IMBB), Pharmacy, Lahore school of Nursing, Chemistry and Physical Therapy are playing a leading role with publications 69,57,52,50 and 43 respectively.


  • UOL faculty publish 504 Journal Articles in one year
  • UOL faculty publish 504 Journal Articles in one year
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