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Cancer Centre organizes Breast Disease Awareness Campaign
October is recognized as the Breast Cancer Awareness month worldwide. Acknowledging the danger posed by this disease, on October 19, 2018, the University of Lahore Teaching Hospital (UOLTH) organized a public workshop to create awareness about breast cancer. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arshad Cheema, Director of the UOL Cancer Centre, and the Head of Surgery Section of the UOLTH was the key speaker of the event that centered on early diagnostic measures of the disease that claims millions of women the world over.
Prof. Cheema enlightened that every year, more than one million of females in Pakistan become victims of breast cancer, and almost 50% of them die annually due to this disease.  “Once diagnosed early, 90% of the breast cancer patients can be cured. Late reporting for treatment is a real problem for our mothers and sisters. In Pakistan, 75% of the cancer patients come late and this can only give 25% chances of survival in five years.” He added. “I recall one female patient who suffered from breast cancer but on completing her treatment she had lost her two breasts. Early diagnosis can also protect essential body parts during the treatment.” Prof. Cheema said.  
He advised women crossing their forties to have regular checkups after every three years through X-ray process termed as Mammogram. “Help others by disseminating this information. We offer free counseling services at our Centre. Come and seek expert opinion about your health.” He appealed to female folks at the end of the workshop.  

  • Cancer Centre organizes Breast Disease Awareness Campaign
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