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Qurat-ul-ain, UOL’s inspiring alumnus
From the BBA (Hons) class of 2012, Qurat-ul-ain is one of the pride and outstanding alumni of UOL. She was a very competent and hardworking student who always gave priority to her studies. In an interview with The Spectacle, Qurat shares her experience in UOL and her educational journey in general. 

Q. When did you join UOL and what did you offer?
A. I joined UOL in 2012 and pursued BBA (Hons) majoring in Human Resources Management (HRM). BA-01083-046 was my registration number.

Q. Can you share your educational background before UOL?
A. I lived in Muscat, Oman and completed my Ordinary and Advanced Levels from Pakistan School Muscat. When I came to Pakistan, my dream of pursuing BBA became true when I joined UOL. 

Q. Briefly, why did you choose BBA?
A. I was convinced that it encompasses a lot of fields which lead to several opportunities and jobs.

Q. How was your experience at UOL and how did it shape your personality? 
A. I had a very positive experience; I met lots of people, and was taught by good professors whose skills in their respective fields greatly shaped me. 

Q. What are you doing now?
A. I am currently employed at State Bank of Pakistan as an Assistant Director in Treasury Department. My mandate includes monitoring of physical movement of cash, dealing with relative stakeholders and disbursement of cash to banks.
Q. How did you secure that that job opportunity?
A. I applied through National Testing Service. I cleared the written test, after interviews, I got selected for three months theoretical and two months on-the-job training before recruitment to this office.

Q. What are your future career plans?
A. I have no immediate plans to switch careers.

Q. Any special message?
A. I would like to thank Sir Asim Khan Sabri. He is one of the best professors I have met. He was my internship supervisor and his guidance was instrumental to what I am today.

Q. What is your message to current students?
A. Never lose hope. Things may go slow or take your time to secure a job of your choice but never ever stop working hard towards your goal. Never underrate any job, for everything you do is a learning experience in itself, so never shy away from any opportunity thinking it's below you. Always make the most of your experiences.

  • Qurat-ul-ain, UOL’s inspiring alumnus
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