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Student Association Belt and Road Initiative signs MoU with CPEC Research Centre, UOL
On January 18, 2019, a delegation of students from the Student Association Belt and Road Initiative (SABRI), Tsinghua University, China, visited the University of Lahore (UOL) and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with CPEC Research Center, UOL, aimed among other objectives at establishing the association’s chapter in Pakistan. Mr. Abuzar Ghaffari (Director CPEC-RC, UOL) signed on behalf of the UOL and Mr. Xiao Yu (President SABRI) on behalf of Tsinghua University. While at UOL, SABRI delegates held academic discussions on Belt and Road Initiative, visited several universities and colleges and took adventurous trips to Wagah border and Sahiwal Coal Power.    
SABRI was initiated at Tsinghua University on September 28, 2018 as a platform to stimulate interaction and discussion among Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) affiliated member countries. It promotes in-depth exchanges concerning BRI among the youth around the world; interacts with influential scholars, successful entrepreneurs, as well as key policy makers; and facilitates the youth to voice their opinions on BRI from various perspectives, including cultural, commercial, and political. 
The initiative trains future leaders of BRI’s development by holding different types of activities such as Inside BRI talk, Dialogue with BRI Leaders, Translation Project, Joint Research, Language Club, Study Tour, Charity Work, Website, Magazine, Podcast & Social Media, International Chapter, and most importantly, the Belt and Road Youth Forum for International Cooperation.
Purpose of SABRI Chapter in Pakistan
Under the signed MoU, SABRI Chapter in Pakistan and CPEC-RC UOL will advance SABRI and its principles within the Pakistan’s boundaries. As the first SABRI Chapter, SABRI-UOL is a significant component of the organization and will play an important role to promote the in-depth exchanges between the University of Lahore and the Tsinghua University, especially in promoting the comprehensive cooperation on BRI/CPEC between Pakistan and China.
SABRI membership is open right now for the UOL students and faculty harboring an interest in participating in different conferences, seminars and other activities related to the projects of CPEC and BRI.  For online registration, wilful members could send their name, age, email address, contact number and a statement titled ‘Why you want to join SABRI’ to

  • Student Association Belt and Road Initiative signs MoU with CPEC Research Centre, UOL
  • Student Association Belt and Road Initiative signs MoU with CPEC Research Centre, UOL
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