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UOL pays tribute to late Prof. Dr. M.H. QAZI
Some people are immortal, they live like a candle which burns itself and gives light to others, the late Prof. M.H. Qazi, one of the pioneers of the University of Lahore (UOL), Vice-Chancellor and the Director Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB) was one such phenomenon. On February 7, 2019, the UOL held an honorary session to pay tribute to the late Prof. More than 200 people, including students, non-teaching staff and faculty members from different departments attended this event. 
The event started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Faraz Abdullah (medical student), followed by a documentary portraying the life of M.H. Qazi.  The Director IMBB, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf then highlighted the brilliant profile and legacy of the late. The Pro-Rector UOL Raiwind Road Campus, Dr. Saleem Shuja, eulogized Prof. Qazi recalling their happy and professional moments in life adding that Mr. Qazi’s office was a walk-in office for all the students. 
The Pro-Rector Allied Health Sciences, Prof. Shahid Mehmood Malik remarked during the event: “Mr. Qazi was a very positive person at such an elderly age. His zeal and will-power is a beacon to follow.” 
The Rector, Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran highlighted the humbleness of M.H. Qazi by recalling that being the Vice Chancellor, UOL, he used to avoid sitting on the head chair in the executive meetings and forced him always to take up that seat. 
Chairman BoG, Mr. Awais Raoof said: “M.H. Qazi had such a gifted intellect; he would design curricula of the subjects not related to his specialty within a short time”. The Patron-in-Chief, Mr. M.A. Raoof lost his control while recalling the golden days spent with his soul friend and partner in the process of establishing the University.  
In the spirit of honoring and remembering the late, the unveiling ceremony of IMBB Auditorium named after Prof. M.H. Qazi was performed by Patron-in-Chief, Chairman BoG, UOL Rector and Pro-Rector Academics. 
A small clip of Prof. M.H. Qazi was projected that showed him entering the Stress Physiology lab of Prof. Arif Malik accompanied by Prof. M. Arslan. There his students surprised him by holding candles in his reception, and reciting Iqbal’s poem “Lub pay aati hay dua”. The clip revealed his affection towards the young post-graduate students, expressed so clearly by his body language. He kept raising his hands for dua, in the love of Iqbal his spiritual mentor, encouraging his students by raising his hands in harmony with them.  
At the end of the event, shields designed by Prof. Arif Malik exhibiting 3-D profile-image of late Prof. Dr. M.H. Qazi (1929-2018) with the caption: “In the Loving Memory of Our Beloved Mentor, Teacher and Friend” were distributed among speakers, followed by a prayer for his forgiveness offered by Hafiz Muhammad Irfan. 
Prof. Qazi left this worldly life on January 26, 2018 as a happy and accomplished soul, at the University of Lahore Teaching Hospital.  May Allah have mercy on him and give him high rank in Jannah.  

  • UOL pays tribute to late Prof. Dr. M.H. QAZI
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