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UOL confers over 6,000 degrees at Annual Convocation

The University of Lahore, that is now heading toward a 40, 000 strong alumni body (currently 37,266), held its 9th convocation on February 26, 2019 capping a total of 6,172 degrees, with graduate studies (Masters and MPhil) taking the lead of 56 percent (3,440) overall.  Undergraduates accounted for 44 percent (2,708) and postgraduate (PhDs) constituted 0.389 percent (24). One hundred fifty-six graduates received Gold Medals from the Governor of Punjab Mr. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar who was the chief guest.  

The convocation statistics attest to the fact that the UOL is tilted towards research programs especially at the graduate level. Faculty of Sciences had the biggest number of graduates constituting 19 percent (1,175) over all, followed by Engineering and Technology, Management Sciences and Information Technology each accounting for 15.6 percent (963), 15 percent (942) and 12 percent (751) respectively. Others were; Languages and Literature with 9 percent (563); Law, 8 percent (479); Allied Health Sciences, 8 percent (475); Social Sciences, 6 percent (400); Pharmacy, 3 percent (201); Medicine and Dentistry, 3 percent (200); and Arts and Architecture (0.373 percent, 24).     

Chief Guest, proud of UOL, calls for dialogue with India 

In his address to the huge audience that comprised of among others, Mr. M.A Raoof (Patron-in-Chief), Mr. Awais Raoof (Chairman BoG) and Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran (Rector) Yasir Humayun Sarfraz (Minister Higher Education, Punjab), Vice Chancellor of University Health Sciences, Members of the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees, Deans, Heads of Department, Faculty, graduating students, parents and other invited guests, the Governor told graduates to use the acquired knowledge and skills to serve mankind and particularly the people of Pakistan. “I must say that you are an asset to the qualified work force of the nation and opportunities for you are abundant especially for those of you who strive hard and accept the challenges before you,” he added.  

He applauded the University for being a beacon of light to other universities in Pakistan. “Young graduates, you should be proud that you have been educated at an institution that has been a role model and a beacon of light to other Universities in Pakistan. As Patron of this esteemed University, I must say that your alma mater has consistently invested time, money and resources for spreading quality education, improved health care skills and technical skills,” he said. 

The Governor added that investment in the education sector is the only way to achieve any nation’s progress. “Over the years we have seen the University empowering its graduates with bold initiatives, leadership skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills,” he observed. He paid tribute to the UOL’s Patron-in-Chief for his inspiring leadership, strategic vision and profound commitment to the cause of education in the province and beyond. He equally thanked parents, students and faculty for all efforts invested to realize the fruits of the memorable event. He used the same platform to call upon all universities in the province to provide drinking water to their employees and students. He advised education institutions to always harvest rain water in order to avoid wastage of such a valuable resource.  

Beyond the education realm, the chief guest highlighted the double standards exercised by the West towards the Kashmir plight saying India’s misdeeds in the region with impunity must stop. “We are peaceful people and we prefer dialogue. Our quest for dialogue does not mean that we are weak; we have capacity to protect ourselves,” he said.      

UOL expands with unique programs, academia-industry synergies 

After congratulating parents, students and faculty for their monumental achievements and the hard work, and the chief guest for gracing the occasion as Patron, the Chairman BoG, Mr. Awais Raoof revealed that UOL’s plan is to expand into areas where other institutions are missing and to add more programs too in line with the requirements of the economy and the fast changing world around us. 

He observed that institutions of higher learning, UOL inclusive have a central role in developing and incubating innovative ideas a task which he says becomes easier when the industry, education, and public sector institutions develop synergies and work in unison. With the size of the teaching staff expanding to over 1,200 and 1,100 non-academic staff, the Chairman argues that UOL as a single institution becomes one of the biggest employers of Pakistan.  

“The University of Lahore is able and willing to join the Government of Punjab in realizing its developmental goals including those in the higher education sector and we look forward to working with you,” Mr. Awais pledged. He stated that the University has over 40 student organizations which play an important role in building their leadership capacities, ethical and social attitudes, and preparing them for practical life after graduation. 

Rector underscores the value of knowledge and research, lauds Patron-in-Chief 

Basing his arguments on Quranic verses, The Rector, Prof. Kamran highlighted the value of knowledge and pen saying the two were addressed in the first revelation to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). “Despite this overwhelming emphasis on the study of Nature in the Holy Quran, Pakistani society and its governments have ignored the creation of new knowledge to its peril,” he observed.  

He said on top of imparting knowledge, the universities are institutions where the young and old unite to keep the zest for knowledge alive and join hands to create new knowledge which is a source of wealth, power and respect. He further emphasized the crucial and vital role of higher education in nation-building by quoting two eminent intellectuals of the last century Alfred North Whitehead and Abdus Salam.

Prof. Kamran lauded Mr. M.A. Raoof for establishing the University which has become the largest Private Sector University of the Country with highly qualified faculty and expanding number of student body and campuses. “Mr. M.A. Raoof contributed to the establishment of the Islamabad University (currently Quiad e Azam University) in various capacities; and was part of the founding members of the UET.  He was a professional administrator in the higher education public sector, and at the age of 55, took the astonishing decision to take early retirement to set up a private university,” he elaborated.  

He observed that the Green Metric World rankings have put UOL at 400 in the universities of the entire world that are most sustainable. He added that Lahore Defence Road Campus alone employs at least 430 PhDs among its faculty members which is 73 percent of the entire PhD faculty in the private HEI sector of the province of the Punjab.  

Before the Rector and Governor’s speeches, 11 Deans of faculties read out the names of degrees for conferment by the Chief Guest who also awarded Gold Medals to 156 graduands and 24 PhD certificates. International students from Palestine, Syria, Senegal and Nigeria also received their certificates from the honorable Governor.   

  • UOL confers over 6,000 degrees at Annual Convocation
  • UOL confers over 6,000 degrees at Annual Convocation
  • UOL confers over 6,000 degrees at Annual Convocation
  • UOL confers over 6,000 degrees at Annual Convocation
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