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Student Teams scoop Awards at GIKI’s Thermocon 2019
ASHRAE, a student organization at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) organized All Pakistan Inter-University Competition titled “Thermocon 2019” on February 15-17, 2019. Major universities, from all over Pakistan, gathered at one place to exhibit talent and creativity. The University of Lahore, under the leadership of Rabia Jehangir (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME) participated in this event with a total of 28 students picked from Robotech, Safe, International Affairs, Entrepreneurship, Mechanical Engineering and ASME societies. 
The major modules for the event were; Thermal Tempest, Crime Scene Investigation, Mind Whiz, Innovation Desafio, Green Idea Challenge and Poster Presentation and Kick Start. UOL team was awarded the First Prize (Crime Scene Investigation Module) for being the only team that identified the crime suspect in the given time of eight minutes. This module aimed at improving the analytical skills of the participants. It involved careful screening of a real time crime scene. 
For Mind Whiz module which tests a team’s mind power and team work, UOL won the Second Prize after an entertaining and tough challenge. Two Teams of UOL won the First and Second Prize for being able to build the best and sustainable design in the Innovation Desafio module. This technical event aimed at encouraging the aspiring engineers to use their brains intelligently and demonstrate innovative mind. 
Another UOL Team won the First Prize for being the team that presented the most Green and real solution to a problem that could be implemented in Pakistan under the Green Idea Challenge/Poster Presentation module which tested the team’s ability to contribute and work together to present the best Green Ideas or Sustainable Development Goals in Pakistan. The teams were required to study a case study and provide a suitable solution. 

  • Student Teams scoop Awards at GIKI’s Thermocon 2019
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