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Admaxim offers internship placements to software student

With the objective of letting UOL students meet with the executives of software houses and data analytical companies to build strong corporate linkages with top software companies in the industry, the office of Career Services and Corporate Linkages (CSCL), on February 22, 2019 hosted the AdMaxim, a global company dealing in social media and data analytics. The company has an advanced full stack programmatic advertising system that enables Agencies to Research, Plan, Create, Deliver and Optimize precision targeted programmatic mobile campaigns.

While sharing his remarks about AdMaxim, Mr. Suleman Khan (CEO) said; “it is a global social media and online data company. Since this is our first time to work with UOL, chances are still open to hire quality individuals from here. Software engineers are on demand all the time”. “At AdMaxim, we focus on attitude and delivery. This time we are committing ourselves with you and we are providing unique internship positions to UOL students. If they meet our expectations, it will lead to permanent employment,” he added.

AdMaxim formally offered two internship placements an opportunity that will be expanded in the near future. Director CSCL, Mr. Ahmed Sheikh appreciated the offer adding that it was a great success to work with the latest online market company of that global stature. “We are really pleased to work with a global leader in the social media and data analytics segment. AdMaxim is a world class company with offices in over 12 countries,” he said. The internship opportunities offered were mainly benefiting Computer Science and Software Engineering students.

  • Admaxim offers internship placements to software student
  • Admaxim offers internship placements to software student
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