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Nutrition students conduct sensitization campaigns
The Final Year Students of Doctor of Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences (DDNS) celebrated March as the nutrition month, by organizing seminars, walk and nutrition camps, to provide nutrition related information and guidance to the public under the guidance of Dr. Shahid Bashir (HoD) and Ms. Sidra Khalid (Senior Lecturer at UIDNS).

A camp was set up at Aafiat Old Age Home, Township on February 27, 2019 with the aim to spend some quality time with the senior citizens and share with them information regarding healthy lifestyle practices and diseases which are common in old age, like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. During the camp, BMI calculations, blood pressure test, blood glucose diagnosis, live tutorials of exercises were conducted after which food boxes containing seasonal fruits, roasted chickpeas and milk were distributed among the participants. 

Aqsa Ali (Nutritionist) cooperated with DDNS students to conduct another camp on March 9, 2019 at Farooq Hospital, West Wood Branch. The fragments of the free camp included: nutrition counseling, anthropometric measurements of BMI calculations, height weight management and diet planning. Diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension were also comprehensively discussed. 

On March 16, 2019, 180 children and 20 caretakers of Save Our Souls (SOS) village also received height assessment and nutrition counseling services from DDNS students. Other camps were organized at Sanabil Health Services (Apni Dispensary); Iqbal School Bambahan Bhatta Pur Jallo Mor, Lahore; Allah Yar Khan Hospital; Mohlanwal Gao; Medical OPD of Services Institute of Medical Sciences and Akhuwat University Kasur on March 19, 31, April 1, and 2, 2019 respectively. During these camps free checkups for weight, BMI, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels and free dietary counseling and diet plans were provided to the patients. 

  • Nutrition students conduct sensitization campaigns
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