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Literary Society organizes ‘Sufi Ecstasy’
On March 15, 2019, Bazm-e-Pakistan Literary Society (BPLS) organized an event named  (Sufi Ecstasy) at Gujrat Campus under the guidance of Ms. Sana Gilman (Lecturer). Mr. Awais (Deputy Director, QEC) and Mr. Ali Abid (Office of Student Affairs) were the chief guests of the event. 
The main play named as زنجیراں پوایاں عشق was performed by the acting team of BPLS, followed by a Sufi performance نچایا عشق تیرے that created an atmosphere of serenity among the audience. Later, the Sufi jammers created a Sufi vibe with their melodious voice, followed by the performance of singer Mr. Sohail. BPLS management team was appreciated with certificates at the closing ceremony.  

  • Literary Society organizes ‘Sufi Ecstasy’
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