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Patron-in-Chief launches Addiction Treatment Unit at ULTH
A 22 bedded Addiction Treatment Unit (ATU) was launched at the University of Lahore Teaching Hospital (ULTH). The facility, opened on May 6, 2019, is purposed to plan and manage high-quality programs and services aimed at prevention, education and resolution of addictive disorders and behavioral health issues at a national level. 
According to the Hospital authority, the unit is already providing innovative services that are enhancing the lives of the patients and their families, as well as preventing the causes of relapse, a major destroyer of families for lifetime.  
The University of Lahore Patron-in-Chief Mr. M.A. Raoof in the company of Mr. Awais Raoof (Chairman BoG), Brig. M. Ajaib (President, Islamabad Campus), Dr. Zahid Pervaiz (ULTH-MS), Dr. Sikandar Afzal (Dean Administration, ULTH), Dr. Nasir Mahmood Bhatti (HoD, ATU) along with ATU staff officially inaugurated the service station which will be making a significant impact on a major public health concern in Pakistan. After cutting the ribbon that marked the inaugural event, the Patron inspected the male wards, gaining a closer interaction with all the patients.     
According to Dr. Nasir M. Bhatti, the HoD and former Executive Director of Punjab Institute of Mental Health (PIMH), the new unit also provides psychiatric services which incorporate medication prescriptions and counseling for both addiction and psychological disorders. He described that patients are screened for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B&C, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases as well as providing them with target risk reduction counseling services.

Dr. Zulifiqar Ali Rizvi, an ATU Consultant with 20-year experience in addiction treatment says: “We offer indoor and outdoor treatments, including rehab services, counseling and psychiatric services, and 24/7 psychiatric emergencies. We provide world-class addiction care and education that meet the needs of the addict and their families”.
In his perspective of the major causes of addiction especially among youth, Dr. Rizvi cites curiosity, peer pressures, anger management failures and financial problems as leading causes. He revealed that the unit has plans to conduct multiple awareness campaigns within and outside the University in an effort to mitigate addition causes.        

Ms. Anam Shahid, a Clinical Psychologist says ATU also offers counseling services for individuals, families, and couples. “During our counseling sessions, we target behavioral, emotional, and psychological issues. Coping and management skills are also taught to get the desired results,” she added in a one-on-one interview with this writer.  The rationale behind family counseling according to her is to help family heal and recover from loved one’s addiction.

The specialized unit is also employing the services of Dr. Ashiq Hussain Kharal, Dr. Abdul Haleem, Dr. Marwah Muhammad and Dr. Jabran. 

  • Patron-in-Chief launches Addiction Treatment Unit at ULTH
  • Patron-in-Chief launches Addiction Treatment Unit at ULTH
  • Patron-in-Chief launches Addiction Treatment Unit at ULTH
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