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Over 2000 screened at 2-Day Free Eye Camp
UOL recently organized a two-day Free Eye Camp under the supervision of Head of Pathology Department, Prof. Mulazim Hussain Bukhari at the Primary School Palluwala, Tehsil/ District Lodhran.

About 35 medical students of UOL and senior surgeons including Dr. Asif Kazmi, Dr. Manzoor Ahmad, Dr. Syed Najaf Shah, Dr. Mazhar Saeed, Dr. Abdul Qadeer, Dr. Wamiq, Dr. Tariq Aslam and Dr. Syed Muhammad Jafir Raza participated in this camp. 

Around 2,200 patients including men, women and children were checked and free medicines, spectacles, eye treatment and lab services (Hepatitis-B & C, blood sugar tests) were provided during the camp. 

Keeping all the requirements of health care commission, a special temporary operation theatre was established in two rooms of the school where 45 operations of cataracts were conducted. Screened patients with complicated diseases as glaucoma and retinal detachments were also referred to UOL Teaching Hospital for free treatment. 

During the camp, Dr. Bukhari guided the people about the increasing hepatitis rate and advised them to improve their lifestyle and informed them about the precautions necessary to halt the spread of this deadlier disease.  He said, “The main cause of Hepatitis is thought to be the insufficient supply of clean water. This issue needs to be addressed promptly by the authorities and adequate steps be taken, otherwise every other person can get infected by this vicious disease in the not-too-distant future”. 

  • Over 2000 screened at 2-Day Free Eye Camp
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