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  • Maintain UOL commitment to its vision, mission & goals and align its various undertakings/happenings/activities.
  • Ensure development/adoption and university-wide implementation of policies, rules and regulations in letter and true spirit within the context of guidelines provided by the regulatory authorities, accreditation councils, rating agencies etc.,
  • Customize institution’s organizational structure, governance system and committees’ mechanism for increased effectiveness of the university.
  • Ensure that UOL academic programs are in-line with the mission and goals, follow the approval process stated by statutes and comply with globally recognized standards and systems of teaching, learning and research.
  • Make sure faculty adequacy, development & performance and facilitate to enhance its effectiveness in research, teaching and services to the university/community.
  • Enhance institution’s effectiveness in admitting & retaining students and help them in achieving their educational goals.
  • Strengthen systems of research, innovation and commercialization.
  • Ensure sufficiency, efficient deployment and impact of the university resources.
  • Ensure institution’s adherence to high ethical standards both in its internal management and external dealings.