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He has served national and international institutions of higher education and Science and Technology for more than 40 years including various senior positions like Vice Chancellor, PSF Chairman etc., He is a highly cited researcher declared by the Clarivate Analytics (Thomson Reuters USA) for the Year 2018. Only 4 of all Pakistani scientists have been declared highly cited researchers. This is a rare accomplishment and hence astounding achievement for the Government of Pakistan that four Pakistani researchers have been included in the list of top 1% of scientists of the world. 

He was ranked the top scientist of the OIC countries (57 countries) by securing 4306 points in Biological Sciences in 2007 by the COMSTECH of the OIC countries as well as the top Scientist in Biological Sciences in 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2010 by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology.  He attained 3rd position among the scientists from all disciplines in Pakistan during 2017 by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology. 

He is honored that The University of Lahore has given an opportunity to lead the QEC as Director. He intends to play important role in realizing the mission of the UOL through improving the quality and standards of education and research in the University. He also aspires to have a positive influence on the future of students, faculty, alumni, and expects that this collective impact will grow with time to come.